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Proposal for turning Yawkey Way into a "Members Only" party zone

The Red Sox have proposed closing off Yawkey Way (a public street) to general foot traffic so that they can move the Park entrance gates to the street intersections and sell beer from carts on the street. The idea The liquor licensing board hearing on the proposal is scheduled for July 17th, 10 am, Rm 809A, Boston City Hall. Comments can be faxed to City Hall at (617) 635-4742.

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FAC's position is that this is an bad idea for the neighborhood, for both residents and businesses. Yawkey Way would be only accessible to game-day ticket holders, cutting off the shortest route between the West Fens and Kenmore Square to all others. In addition, it sets a bad precedent for any bar that wishes to sell beer on the streets of an urban neighborhood.

We also believe its a bad idea to test the proposal: The Sox will only want to continue to sell beer on Yawkey Way if it is profitable. It will only be profitable if they sell a lot of beer. They will only sell alot of beer if people drink a lot of beer. Thus, either the proposal will be a financial flop and this discussion is academic, or it will be a financial success to the detriment of sober folks that happen to pass by Yawkey Way.

Furthermore, the Red Sox have trouble managing beer sales within the park... (see "Fenway's Diamond Club closed down," Boston Globe, May 28th, 2002) Let's see if they can keep a clean record (at least for longer than two months) before they are allowed to add extra beer carts.

p.s. The Fenway CDC and Fenway Civic have both voiced support for the plan.

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"Fenway Special Study Areas" December 2000
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FAC has joined the Citizens Against Stadium Subsidies (CASS)

To contact CASS...
phone number: (617) 339-2014
web site: www.geocities.com/cass_mass
email address: cass_mass@yahoo.com

The CASS Media Campaign
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Municipal Harbor Plan

The state Office of Environmental Affairs and the BRA currently disagree on the development plans for the Boston Waterfront, especially near the new Convention Center. The points of contention are maximum building height and access to the water. If you believe all citizens of Massachusetts should have access to the newly cleaned harbor water or the harbor should not be ringed by concrete canyons, we urge you to make your voice heard.

The following recently came from our friends at SAND:

To his credit, Secretary Durand has announced an extension of the comment
period on the Municipal Harbor Plan to October 16. Apparently, the Mayor's
Office is putting a lot of pressure on the State to push this plan through.

Thank you to the numerous voices that have weighed in so far... you are
already making a difference.

Again, here is the info where to send your comments:

        Executive Secretary Robert Durand
        Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
        251 Causeway St.
        Boston, MA 02114-2050
        Re: BRA Municipal Harbor Plan
Or by e-mail to:

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