Who We Are

The Fenway Action Coalition (FAC) was founded in August 1998 by neighborhood residents alarmed that the Fenway is a community "Under Siege". Spiraling rents and megasized projects are forcing permanent residents to move from our community. Gridlocked traffic and congestion are eroding the quality of life for those able to stay.

In recent years Boston City Hall has slashed vital city services resulting in serious sanitation and public health problems, including unchecked rodent infestation in the Fenway. FAC has confronted these crises head-on, offering proposals to reverse disturbing trends affecting our community. Halting the proposed Red Sox Stadium/ Megaplex and the "Boylston Square" Millennium project are top priorities. FAC is the only Fenway organization to consistently oppose inappropriate development.

Acting in an advocacy role, FAC has worked to foster neighborhood solidarity and hold elected officials accountable to their constituents. Ultimately, the Fenway Action Coalition's goal is to advance the Fenway from a "Neighborhood Under Siege", to one that develops and preserves this part of Boston as a livable community for all its citizens.

The Fenway is a jewel in Boston's beautiful Emerald Necklace.

It must continue to thrive and shine brightly.

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